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Sloane Spencer is the main protagonist and former anti-heroine of the 2010 film, Christmas Cupid.

She is based on Ebenezer Scrooge from the original Christmas Carol storyline by Charles Dickens.

Role in Christmas Cupid[]



Sloane's best friend. Both Jenny and Sloane have been childhood friends. In an altered future, Sloane and Jenny are revealed to no longer speaking to each other because Sloane forgot to pass promotional material for her restaurant. However, the two best friends make up and care for each other very much.

Caitlin Quinn[]

A young actress Sloane was sponsering for. However, she tragically died while choking on an olive martini. Doing so, Caitlin becomes a spirit and dedicated into helping Sloane realize the error of her ways. In the end, Sloane gives a toast to Caitlin who is an angel.


Was Sloane's first boyfriend during high school. It is revealed through dialogue she dumped him for Patrick.


Was her second boyfriend. She began dating him after dumping Brad. It is revealed in the past she left him and did not know he was going to propose to her. Patrick and her make up and enter a relationship again


Sloane's third boyfriend whom she broke up with prior. They both have a rivalry and compete for being an executive for their company. However, after breaking up with Andrew, Jason and Sloane  ended their rivalry and enter a friendship