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Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Greatest Gadgets.

  • Narvik 7 Body is Gadget's most of the spectacular amounts of offensive technic item equipment Gadgets are used such as toolkit range crime-fighting objects of "Reactor 13" with Neuron Synapse Amplifier of N.S.A Chip give him for the heart of Narvik 7 as John Brown became the machinery tool human-cyborg has been removed like it's been created, replaced and restored by Dr. Artemis and Brenda Bradford will allowed him to use crime-fighting and day to day chores. However, he has million dozens of gadgetry tools from his visual disposal and numbering around with 60, but only 14,000 Gadgets that would installed throughout his body along with its clothing and some are even installed in his second home. Although Gadget can mainly activate his voice command saying "Go-Go-Gadget" followed by the same name whenever he wants sometimes to need anything to activate his own Gadgets that he will be able to stop and arrest against one of other crook members and Dr. Claw at every doing the single moment.
  • Extendo Arms: The joints of Gadget's forearms, elbows, and hands have been modified into an extendable accordion-shaped metallic limbs that could be extend to every lengths can twice reach more than extended length of his body. However, Gadget uses one of his arms to grip, wrap around, or grab of these objects, such as catching the crimes, although he cannot even grip of his hands that will sometimes fall or crash so much bigger and more of than Gadget have been enable to unwrap criminals from Gadget's binding arms or suffer pain or suddenly pressure from their snare.
  • Extendo Legs: The joints of Gadget's shins, knees, and feet have been altered, modified, and equipping with longest ball joints and springs and accordion-shaped silver limbs in the sequel would able to extend higher heights. He allowed him to walk or run better than speed with his legs, Gadget when trying to bounce and reach up from high places in a hurry or when he falls onto the trap pit too much for his umbrella. Despite being length, his Gadget legs have been shown to be capable of stretching and holding up his weight in a manner similar to his arms and neck. Enabled to walk any across deep bridge and water or walk over numerous traps and deadly environments. Gadget can extend even more accordion lengths in the movie.
  • Extendo Neck: The joints of Gadget's throat, chin, and head has been modified and installed in an extending accordion-shaped metal long neck can grow higher than heights to reaching up. His neck possesses no offensive use, as he mainly and suddenly uses his neck in conjunction with his binoculars for seeing, reconnaissance and spying on thugs, which he tends to activate his head and neck for no reason at all times, often reaching, or stretching his neck at random when surprised or simply for sightseeing. Despite being neck, but Gadget can be enable to see all the great senses, hidden items, and then crimes once and for all the one.