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Fred's wife is a minor character in A Christmas Carol. Her name is sometimes identified as Clara or Lily, such as the Muppets Christmas Carol film.

Role in the the novel

Fred mentions that he and his wife married for love rather than money, something that Ebenezer Scrooge cannot comprehend despite being in love with a woman back in his youth.


Fred's wife is cheerful, kind, considerate, and warm. She and Fred married for love and it is evident of their love for each other during their Christmas Party and because Fred defended his reason for marrying her.

Notable portrayals

  • Eve Gray in 1935
  • Ann Wrigg in 1950
  • Olga Edwardes in 1951
  • Patricia Cree in "A Christmas Carol" episode Fredric March Presents Tales from Dickens in 1959
  • Voiced by Mary Peach in 1977
  • By Tatjana Saysoff in 2005
  • Voiced by Leslie Zemeckis in ''A Christmas Carol'' in 2009
  • Bridget Pugliese in A Christmas Carol, 50th Anniversery