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Fred is a minor character in A Christmas Carol and the many adaptations. He is the only sororal nephew and last living relative of the novel's main character Ebenezer Scrooge and he is the son of Scrooge's late sister, Fan.


Fred's mother, Fan was sisters with Ebenezer Scrooge and died when Fred was young. The reason why Scrooge never wants to be around Fred is because his nephew reminds him of his late sister.Every year, Fred goes to invite his uncle to his Christmas parties and every year, Scrooge declines.


Fred's personality is a total and complete opposite compared to that of his uncle's. He is kind, cheerful, generous, considerate, caring, happy go-lucky. Not even Scrooge's sour personality deters Fred, who always welcomes his uncle to join him and his wife on Christmas.


  • According to Scrooge, Lily and Fred lived in a meager house compared to his own, but they seem happy where they lived.
  • Fred married his wife, Lily, out of love, despite his uncle showing distaste on the matter.