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This article focuses on the 2000 film, Ebbie.
For the title character see, Ebbie Scrooge

Ebbie or Miracle at Christmas: Ebbie's Story is a 1995 television movie that premiered on Hallmark. It is based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, with a modern-day retelling of the story,but with gender-swapped characters.




Original Character Adaptated as
Ebenezer Scrooge Elizabeth "Ebbie" Scrooge
Robert "Bob" Cratchit Roberta "Robbie" Cratchit
Ghost of Christmas Past Ghosts of Christmas Past
Rita / Ghost of Christmas Present Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Jacob Marley Jake Marley
Cratchit Sisters Martha Cratchit
Tiny Tim Cratchit Tim Cratchit
Cratchit Brothers
Belle Paul
Jacob Marley Jake Marley
Mr. Fezziwig Mr. Dobson
Mrs. Dobson
Fan Scrooge Frannie Scrooge (sister)
Fred Scrooge Frannie (daughter)