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Bob Cratchit is a character in A Christmas Carol who is Ebenezer Scrooge's and (presumably) Jacob Marley's clerk.


He was a clerk . Despite the cold and bitterness from his employer, Bob Cratchit still remains kind, caring and optimistic who loves Christmas. He is a loving father to to all six of his children, especially towards his youngest son, Tiny Tim, who is diagnosed with an unknown illness. Cratchit is also deeply in love with his wife, Emily. It is shown in a bad future, that Bob grieves for Tiny Tim and is no longer cheerful. However, Ebenezer prevents it from happening by changing his ways immediately.

Bob is slightly taken aback by his employer's sudden change in personality.

Notable Portrayals[]

Actor Year Film Other Notes
Donald Calthrop 1935 Scrooge N/A
Gene Lockhart 1938 A Christmas Carol N/A
Mervyn Johns 1951 Scrooge N/A
Bob Sweeney 1954 A Christmas Carol (Shower of Stars) television movie
Daws Butler 1958 "Green Chri$tma$" parody record
Jack Cassidy 1962  Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol animated television movie 
David Collings 1970 Scrooge
Melvyn Hayes 1971 A Christmas Carol animated short film 
Clive Merrison 1977   A Christmas Carol television movie
Sonny Melendrez 1978 The Stingiest Man in Town  animated television movie 
Mel Blanc  1979 Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol (as Porky Pig) in the animated short film
R.H. Thomson  1979 An American Christmas Carol as Thatcher
Phillip Hinton 1982 A Christmas Carol Australian animated film
Wayne Allwine 1983 Mickey's Christmas Carol (as Mickey Mouse)

David Warner

1984  A Christmas Carol television movie
Alfre Woodard  1988 Scrooged Adapted as Grace Cooley
Steve Whitmire  1992  The Muppet Christmas Carol Kermit the Frog
Frank Welker  1994 A Flintstones Christmas Carol as Barney Rubble
Michael York 1997  A Christmas Carol animated film 
Richard E. Grant 1999   A Christmas Carol television movie
Brian McNamara 2000  A Diva's Christmas Carol television movie. Bob's character is merged with Scrooge's fiancée Belle.
Rhys Ifans 2001 Christmas Carol: The Movie Animated movie
Edward Gower 2004 A Christmas Carol: The Musical Television movie
Bob Bergen 2006  Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas Porky Pig in a similar but not identical role
Gary Oldman 2009 A Christmas Carol animated version
Kandyse McClure 2009 Barbie in a Christmas Carol  Catherine Beadnell 
Ashleigh Ball  2016  "A Hearth's Warming Tail " of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Rainbow Dash (Snow Dash) in the  episode