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Aunt Marla is a character in A Carol Christmas, where she is the aunt of Carol and Beth Cartman and great-aunt of Lindsy and Tyler. However, it is never specified if she is the sister of the Cartman sisters' father or their mother.

Although teaching her niece to be selfish, in the afterlife, Marla realized the error of her ways and visited Carol and tells her that she will end up like her in the after life if she does not change her ways. Instead, she will send three spirits to change her life.


  • Aunt Marla is based on Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol.
  • In Barbie: A Christmas Carol, the Ebenezer Scrooge of that storyline is named Eden Starling and also has her aunt visit her just like Carol Cartman's version does.in both versions, Eden's aunt Marie and Carol's aunt, Marla both raised them to be selfish and become famous in their generation.

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